The History of Restore Health

First in Personalized Health Care

Established in 1982 in Madison, Wisconsin, Restore Health Pharmacy, LLC, formerly Madison Pharmacy Associates, Inc., developed natural progesterone therapy for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) before PMS was a recognized diagnosis and was first in the U.S. to use natural, bioidentical progesterone to treat women.

The first pharmacy in America to specialize in women’s health and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, the company was built on listening and responding to the individual, unique needs of our patients, one patient at a time.

In 1993, recognizing a growing need for credible information, quality products, and services for women and men experiencing symptoms due to hormonal imbalances, including infertility, postpartum depression, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, and anti-aging, Restore Health grew to encompass a vertically integrated family of specialized products and services, including a full-service compounding pharmacy, a clinical and analytical chemistry laboratory, and a clinical services and support group.

In 1997, The Restore® program was developed to integrate the latest in diagnostic laboratory technology and pharmaceutical science.  The Restore® program incorporates proprietary compounding formulations with an individual approach to patient’s needs based on continued monitoring and testing.  Today, salivary hormone and urine NTx testing is provided by Restore Health’s certified on-site biodiagnostics laboratory.

In 2011, Madison Pharmacy Associates, Madison Biodiagnostics, and Women’s Health America were rebranded Restore Health to underscore our commitment to providing the nation’s premier personalized solutions for wellness and prevention.

Restore Health continues to innovate in the field of personalized health care, providing patients and providers the latest technologies, include the Restore Directweb-based clinical services platform, the latest evidence-based bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, and other therapies that advance our dedication to personalized health care for wellness and prevention.

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